Bioinformatics Software
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Benchmark of Membrane Helix Predictions from Sequence server
Find the location on a chromosome of a gene's single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP)
Rename chain in a PDB file
Renumber residue numbers in a PDB file
Renumber atom numbers in a PDB file
(coming soon : Renumber all atom numbers to start from 1 in a PDB file)
Plot the distance between paired, aligned residues in two PDB files
Change the atom occupancy that is recorded in a PDB file
Renumber residue numbers in a Modeller energy profile file
Convert STRIDE secondary structure to PDB format
Extract HBPLUS hydrogen bonds from different chains
VALPRED 3D - Valid 3D structure in PDB file using PROFILES3D and REPIMPS
VALPRED 2D - Predict membrane helices from sequence using threading approaches
Search bacterial genomes for the text of conserved domain identifiers and names, as produced by Interproscan